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New Hire: Maureen Sanchez

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Where Maureen is from and how she got to Atlanta:

Maureen is originally from New Jersey, but she moved to Atlanta after graduating high school to participate in a program called Mission Year. Since then, she has been a resident of the west side, moving from English Avenue to Bankhead where she now lives with her husband, Antonio.

Professional & educational background:

Maureen attended Georgia State University where she earned a degree in psychology & neuroscience. After completing her studies, she worked as a substance abuse counselor and a certified health coach. Three years later, she attended graduate school at Emory University where she received a Master's degree in Community Development and Engagement with a focus in program planning, organizational management, monitoring, and evaluation.

Her role at Grove Park Renewal:

Maureen is the new Director of Community Engagement - a role designed to connect GPR residents to one another as well as necessary resources in the community. Some of her responsibilities include grant writing, organization partnerships, program development, and event coordinating. Currently, one of her top priorities is facilitating her newest program called CultivateATL.

What is CultivateATL?

Grove Park Renewal is an organization that exists to combat the gentrification of the Grove Park neighborhood. By providing residents with affordable housing, this grants families/individuals the ability to flourish in all facets of life - education, employment, mental and physical health, spiritual growth, relational connections, and more. This new assets-based program, CultivateATL, was created to inspire self-efficacy in residents by connecting them to one another, the community, and necessary resources that will stimulate their holistic development, thereby confronting issues of systemic poverty, racial inequality, and economic discrimination in the Grove Park neighborhood.

What Maureen loves about GPR and is excited to experience:

Maureen appreciates GPR's approach to caring for residents, noting how the organization is not just about housing, but empowering the whole person to achieve their life goals. This growth is something Maureen is excited to witness as she continues to be in relationship with Grove Park residents in the coming year.

Welcome, Maureen!

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