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Grove Park Collective

Grove Park Renewal has the privilege of managing this shared office space. 1566 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy was previously a local hotel that now hosts a number of organizations that provide services for the community and hosts communty events and meetings.

Meet our Occupants


*Please note that we do not have partnerships with these other entities or additional information as to their waitlist status or process other than what is on their website*

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To love our neighbor by revitalizing under-resourced neighborhoods through spiritual and community development.

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We are a black-owned female-led company located on the westside of Atlanta. We are faith-driven and community-focused! 

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I am a full-time fashion designer and consider myself truly blessed to be in the field that is my lifetime dream.

 I work as the Artist in Residence in the wonderful community of Grove Park.

To educate and organize Christians for civic and cultural engagement for civic and cultural engagement that results in better representation, more just and compassionate policies and a healthier political culture.

We exist to provide families with various resources that will empower and encourage them while promoting Christian values, building stronger communities, and developing self-sufficiency.

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Dwell Communities is committed to building spaces that foster a sense of belonging and respect. 


Our goal is to create thriving community ecosystems in which people can live, work, play, and flourish. We employ a research-based community wellbeing framework to ensure that social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions are taken into consideration at every stage of the development process.

Creating opportunities of transformation through


. Our company aims to be an empowerment arm of the West side of Atlanta by closing the gap between professionalism, quality customer service and providing gainful employment.

Safe Space. Restored Hope.

Holistic Care ~ Safe Space ~ Restoring Hope

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Our mission is revitalizing the Grove Park neighborhood and improving the quality of life by working with local partners, leaders and residents to create a healthy, equitable and vibrant community.

Reserving Space at 1566 Hollowell 

We offer our space to be used for many occassions. Follow the instructions below to reserve a room.

Step One
Choose a room and check the calendar to see if it's available.
Step Two
Print & email user agreement form.
Step Three
Fill out this reservation form.
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