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What is CultivateATL?

Our new assets-based program, CultivateATL, was created to inspire personal growth in our residents as they better connect with themselves, one another, the community, and other resources that can improve their overall quality of life and promote the flourishing of our beloved neighborhood.

CultivateATL brings small groups of neighbors together for 8 weeks of classes that focus on increasing residents sense of community, knowledge of personal abilities, gifts, values, and vocation, and knowledge of resources. These classes are held once a week, starting off with food for 15-20 minutes and organic conversations then diving into the material for the day for an additional hour. Children are in areas separate but proximate doing their activities.

The foundation of these groups is not just learning, but growing together. Making these connections and relationships lends opportunities for cross pollination of resources, modeling how to overcome barriers, and diminishing the pandemic of loneliness that is plaguing our nation. It also created natural structures of accountability for one another and for oneself as they verbalize the characters they desire to live into, why, and how they plan on getting there.

After completing these classes, residents have access to our modules
which feature partners and experts who serve Grove Park



I had an amazing time getting to know other people and their stories. I feel more at home in Grove Park now that I know myself and my neighbors better than ever before.

LaTonya-King -front steps.jpg

The class had an amazing feeling. It was a family class. We all truly care about one another. It taught me how to set my goals and nail them down. The class pushed my mindset to another level. I can't wait to attend the next session.


I learned how to make wiser choices, and how to be open a little more with my feelings. I learned how to be friendly and patient. It has helped me connect with the people around me more.

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