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Lecrae Releases New Book and Partners with Grove Park Renewal

Two-time Grammy award winning artist, Lecrae, and Grove Park Renewal are excited to announce a partnership coordinated with the release of his latest book I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion But Found My Faith. Lecrae is a Grove Park Renewal board member and supporter of the work on Atlanta’s Westside. In partnership, Lecrae and Grove Park Renewal will send the book to supporters who contribute at least $75 toward 2020 end of year campaign.

In I Am Restored, Lecrae recounts how the trauma of his past: sexual abuse, physical trauma, addiction, and depression created chaos in his life. Focusing on forgiveness, Lecrae shows how the brokenness of the past can bring healing to ourselves and connections to others. His honest reflections on his own life and the pain therein open opportunities for true healing found in God. This inspirational auto-biography focuses on true identity and worth as defined by our relationship with God in Christ.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to proclaim the love of God to the community through this new book and my music. The opportunity to serve on the Grove Park Renewal board and support the organization’s work is a privilege.”

Grove Park Renewal is a non-profit organization focused on the renewing and restoring of the Grove Park neighborhood on Atlanta’s Westside. Focused on affordable housing, Grove Park Renewal believes that housing is the stability hub around which families are then able to connect with wrap around resources and services for the flourishing of their household.

“Lecrae is a gift to our organization and our neighborhood. I Am Restored not only demonstrates his commitment to his own growth, but his authenticity and honesty inspire us in our work through Grove Park Renewal,” said Justin Bleeker, Executive Director. “We’re excited for this partnership to share his story and the stories of so many of our neighbors in Grove Park."

Grove Park Renewal received a $100,000 matching grant as part of an effort to raise $200,000 of operational funds to close 2020. Supporters who donate at least $75 toward the goal will receive a copy of I Am Restored. For a donation of at least $250, supporters will receive a copy of the book signed by Lecrae.

Please visit the donation website to make a contribution today! To learn more about Lecrae and his work, please visit

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