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The Grove Park Renewal Entrepreneurship Program has emerged recently with the goal of accelerating small business growth and empowerment within the community. Taylor Pruitt, alongside St. Claire, Director of ReStore Life, and Justin Bleeker of Grove Park Renewal, spearheaded the initiative, driven by a shared vision of providing small business coaching and support to residents. In this article, we delve into the genesis of the program, highlight the curriculum and the program's overarching goals and vision. The seeds for the Entrepreneurship Program were sown through conversations among Taylor Pruitt (Grove Park resident), St. Claire (Director of RestoreLife), and Executive Director of Grove Park Renewal. Recognizing the need for small business coaching, they collaborated with Grove Park Renewal to launch an entrepreneurship class exclusively for residents who aspired to establish their own businesses. Additionally, ReStore Life partnered with the program, extending invitations to other small business leaders and youth entrepreneurs within the community. The program was run by Jacey Cadet Atlanta Tech Village VP of Marketing & Community also Grove Park Homeowner, Mosley Park resident and Taylor Pruitt as Coach and Admin (Georgia Tech Business Graduate 16 & Grove Park resident). The inaugural class, consisting of 12 carefully selected applicants, marked the program's pilot phase, with plans to offer subsequent sessions in the future. Through these outreach efforts, a diverse and enthusiastic cohort of participants was assembled, reflecting the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit within our neighborhood.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the Grove Park Renewals Entrepreneurship Program delivered a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed as entrepreneurs. The curriculum encompassed a wide range of topics, including: 1. Building Your Tribe: Fostering a supportive community and networking. 2. The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Understanding the qualities and mindset required for entrepreneurship. 3. From Idea to Business: Nurturing and transforming innovative ideas into viable business ventures. 4. Practical and Legal Steps: Guidance on establishing a business entity and navigating legal requirements. 5. Branding and Marketing: Strategies for effectively positioning and promoting businesses in the market. 6. Financial and Accounting Basics: Fundamental concepts to manage finances and maintain profitability. 7. Pricing and Profitability: Techniques for setting competitive prices and optimizing profitability. 8. Operations and Company Leadership: Operational considerations and effective leadership principles. 9. Company Culture: Cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment. 10. Hiring and Team Building: Recruiting and nurturing talented individuals to build a strong team. 11. Funding and Capital Acquisition: Insights into securing funding and raising capital for business growth. 12. The Final Pitch: An optional opportunity for participants to present their business ideas.

Through a carefully curated curriculum, participants were equipped with a diverse skill set, covering various aspects of entrepreneurship. By fostering a supportive community and empowering individuals to build businesses with excellence, the program aspires to create a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Grove Park and beyond. With each participant's success, the program moves closer to its vision of inspiring and transforming lives through entrepreneurship.

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