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Mental Health Module

Why do we do the things we do? And better yet, how do we make changes if our decisions aren't leading us to where we would like to go? 


In our mental health modules, we partner with experts in the field teach practical tools that allow cohorts to safely engage with these questions. Our multiweek cohort model creates empathy and understanding as neighbors share and relate to one another's stories. 

Modules vary from 4-12 weeks depending on mental health topic being covered and the needs of the groups. Like our other modules, participants gather for a few hours one day a week over a shared meal. Before starting each module we ensure we have partnerships with counselors who are able to see participants one-on-one if they desire to go deeper into each topic.

Mental Health 101 (2).png

Learning Outcomes


Participants will leave with a plethora of resources learned from the profession facilitators, but also one another as they grow in community and acceptance through shared storeis in these classes.

True Benefits

Many people have reservations and stigmas around counseling. In these modules residents learn the true benefits of counseling, and how universal it is for all people, and walk away knowing how it specifically can be catered to help them.

Safe Space

Creating a safe space where participants feel comfortable being vulnerable with engaging deeper with one another and one's self. 


Obtaining tools and skills helpful for navigating stressor and triggers of both everyday life, and bigger life events

Interested in giving to or participating in our mental health module? 
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