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Financial Literacy

In our financial literacy modules, we partner with experts in the field to teach practical, personalized tools catered for each participant. We have different classes that focus on different topics and levels of depth into each topic for the wide spectrum of resident's that we have. The common theme we implement into each class is identifying how your identity is impacted, and how it shapes your finances decisions. Similar to all of our modules, we use a small cohort model that meets once a week over a shared meal and learn and share their personal stories and experience with this topic. This model builds accountability, and empathy while dealing with the topics of finances and the vulnerability that comes with it. this communal model also reiterates that no matter what your financial choices are, you are worthy of love and acceptance in community.

Learning Outcomes



Expert facilitators and guest speakers will teach relevant tools to participants. Those in the class will also be networked with financial coaches and individuals who can resource them with guidance both in and out of class.


Participants identify their personal goals and why those are their goals. They then will create a plan on what that looks like.

The Why

Participants identify what root causes are of their spending and saving habits and how their personal story impact that.

Cohorts will learn together and grow in trust and vulnerability throughout this class, practicing accountability and sharing victories and setbacks. Once graduating participants will feel better known and accepted by their community. 

Interested in giving to or participating in our financial literacy module? 
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