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New Hire: Dana Roberts

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Where Dana is from and how she got to Atlanta:

Dana is an “ATLien” - a true Atlanta native - who has lived in the Grove Park Renewal community for 3 years. She holds a deep love and appreciation for the city, particularly its powerful history and divine exemplification of Black Excellence. This is something which inspires her day to day in her work as she seeks to ensure the viability of Atlanta by pouring into the children who live here.

Professional & educational background:

Dana is a proud product of the Atlanta public school system where she attended Northside High School. Later, she continued her undergraduate studies at Florida A&M University and went on to receive a Master’s from American Intercontinental University. For over 20 years, Dana has worked in education. She began as a middle school teacher, but later founded KIPP Woodson Park Academy where she served as the Director of Operations. Now, Dana works as the Director of Advocacy & Community Partnerships for KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools. This institution holds a special place in Dana’s heart, and she feels honored to wake up every day and advocate for all the resources that her scholars and families deserve.

Her role at Grove Park Renewal:

Dana is our newest Resident Advocate (RA). An RA is an individual who provides care and accountability for the residents in Grove Park by fostering one on one relationships, hosting events, and developing organizational partnerships to benefit the community. Resident advocates work closely with one another and Maureen, the Director of Community Engagement, to reinforce a thriving neighborhood atmophere for residents in Grove Park.

Why Dana is perfect for the job:

Dana is passionate about the Grove Park neighborhood because it is the place where she gets to interact with her scholars and their families on a daily basis. This provides both her and the community with a sincere connection that is reminiscent of a more neighborly era of the past - the authentic kind her mother had growing up. Through her new position at Grove Park Renewal, Dana seeks to create a similar atmosphere for her neighbors by acting as a friend and advocate who is brave enough to knock on doors and make meaningful conversation without hesitation. It is this deep level of care, commitment, and concern for others that makes Dana such a great Resident Advocate and new member of our team.

What Dana is most excited about:

Dana is excited to put her gifts to use as saying, “I’m excited to bring sincere care and concern to the residents at GPR. I am also excited to form relationships and partnerships that build family legacies. Ultimately, my goal is to have families feel that their hopes and dreams have been advanced because we have worked together to ensure generational empowerment for decades to come.”

The Grove Park Renewal team is excited to welcome Dana aboard. We can’t wait to work together to inspire families towards generational wealth and empowerment for “decades to come.” Welcome, Dana!

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