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Home Ownership

This 6-week class is led by professional real estate agents who walk with neighbors through the home buying process. This class is unique in in the way it brings in the experts themselves to talk about each step, allowing participants to identify where they are at in the home buying process and partner directly with who they need to walk with them through the rest of the steps. The class ends with facilitators meeting one-on-one with each participant to create a home buying plan catered to their goals. 

Like our other modules, participants gather for a few hours one day a week over a shared meal. This model allows residents not only to build community and encouragement through the journey to home ownership, but also learn from the experiences of one another. 

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Learning Outcomes


Social Networking

Strategic Plan

Participants will graduate with a personalized plan narrating what the key steps are to proceed in their home buying process


Those who participate will have ongoing access to all guest speakers and realtor facilitators for ongoing advice.

Participants will obtain full knowledge of the home ownership process

Our cohort model allows residents to communally enter into this journey together. Participants will graduate feeling more supported and known by their community.

"I feel more knowledgeable about what my steps will be towards owning a house after participating in this class"
Interested in giving to or participating in our home ownership module
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